"Don't Kiss me if your afraid of thunder. My life is a storm."

- Anita Krizzan

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nice Kicks

“Just talk to him” Dylan says.
But it doesn’t work that way.
He’s way too cute.
I mean, have you seen his kicks?
“Yeah, yeah he’s a cute hipster”
But oh he’s so much more.
He can spill emotions on a page
and be extraverted.
He can talk so casually,
Whereas I just rant.
Did I mention he plays magic,
and loves the classic doctor who?
 He invites me for a drink
and it seems like we just click.
So how do I just say it?
“Hey man nice kicks,
 let’s go out sometime!”
Yeah like that will ever work!
Maybe I should just write some rhymes,
just in nick of time.
Books are read
and the Tardis is blue.
I’d like to time travel,
how about you?
 So I can’t spit good rhymes in time.
I’ll just stick with awkward me,
“Hey Ellec, nice kicks,
 wanna go out some time?”

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Four letters.
Change a life.
The feeling escalates.
Your heart won't stop racing.
Then you hear the world Bipolar. 
You re-live all those dark moments.
The word Yes was never mentioned.
So You turn to Alcohol and then to Marijuana.
Your fall back becomes your daily pack of Cigarettes.
And Before you can blink you've become your Demons.
Now to face them seems to be nearly Impossible.
But they say Impossible is just an excuse.
With nothing to lose you take chance.
You face them head on only to fall harder then before.
Panic entices the phenomenon to a whole new level.
You give up before you've barely began to try.
You racing heart is drowning in the alcohol.
As lungs give way to all the chemicals.
Something has to change.
Numbness has crept in.
Its Fight or Flight.
The Final Hours.
Four letters.
Will they control you?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Without You

Short of forever.
Unable to process,
Life without soul.
But here I am.

Shattered remains,
Ashes of the heart.
Seem like eternity.

The bells ring,
at the gate of hell.
Not forgiven. 
Nothing without you.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


I done waiting for your lies
and soaking in falsehoods.
I've learned the art of Good-bye.
Trust me, It's not misunderstood.

I forgive you for the truth,
The one you'll never say.
Just keep blaming youth,
That'll get you far you one day.

You won't even show up for this Good-Bye,
And I need someone to lash out on!
Coward, come face up to your Lies!
So that tomorrow I can be gone.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


It's always so unexpected
It can't happen to us,
Though its inevitable,
We still try to deny it.

 Time is fading
And we don't even notice
Till it's run out
And were left broken.

The ground below
Is in a frozen state,
But not for us.
Or so we think.

Then his time comes.
Reality hits.
This is inevitable.
This is real.

He's gone.
Time has ended.
But it rolls on for us
How unfair!

Friday, January 10, 2014


Hello Stranger.
I see we choose the same place,
to cause the same danger.
The change is never in the face,
It's always in the break.
See its just a vicious cycle,
that keeps our smiles so fake.
This game is so primal,
but yet again we face off.
I brace for the next betrayal,
But as usual, you just scoff.
I believe if I stay Loyal,
That all this will change.
But oh what a fool's heart
To think something so deranged.
For our minds are clear set apart.
Goodbye Stranger,
I'm done with the uphill race.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The One

I've learned people come and people go
And not too many stick around.
I've learned this can turn a person cold
And cause too much misery.

But I've also learned. . .
Not to let the negative define you.
That it's easy to give up. .
But more fulfilling to move forward.

So many people just walk away,
And I use to just shut down
Every single fucking time,
But not this time. . .

This time, I realize some people
are just that way.
Some people just aren't worth the time,
But they'll be others.

Life is full of twist and turns,
Doubts and plenty of confusion.
Don't get me wrong,
Having walls are fine.

But eventually you'll find,
the one one willing to stay.
The one that is patient,
and see's past those carefully built walls.

Do not lose hope,
but stay selective.
So many will leave,
But its worth the one that stays

Saturday, December 28, 2013


When we meet. . .
Sparks flew through the air,
The intensity began to flare.
In this hopeless attraction,
You where quite the distraction!

As time went by. . .
We faced quite the attack,
but you keep me on track.
A friend in the darkest of times,
But a devil in disguise.

The affair did indeed occur. . .
I suppose to assume love over lust,
was a such a foolish waste of trust!
All the lies just to get inside,
and then forget to say good-bye

The "I told you so"s . . .
I can no longer defend you,
As you say I'm untrue.
To turn you back after all this,
Shows me what I have so blindly missed
How they were so painfully correct,
You nothing but an egotistical mess

Hello Stranger. . .
I really don't know you,
Nor do i really want to.
You see this "amazing" guy,
Made me cry (One too many times)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I'm waiting for someone to save me,
But what if he doesn't come?
What if he doesn't believe,
this mess can be undone?

Tonight I continue to dance with strangers.
Make believing that he's superman
Foolish ignoring the dangers
Trapped without a plan

Cant he hear my cries?
I need him,
before it all dies!
The light is starting to dim. . .

Friday, November 29, 2013

Cruel Game

Could you not see me breaking down;
Or did you just not care at all?
Were you gonna watch me as I drown;
Or was your stuff already in a u-haul?

Lies piled upon lies became devastating!
How could Love, be just another Line?
This game of yours became suffocating!
Only faded memories, After all this time?

How could I be such an ignorant fool?
And How could you just be, so Cruel?